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Full Design Projects


Design Support


Design Management

I work in different ways with a variety of clients; either taking on full design projects, slotting into running projects or managing design projects and product portfolios.

Please take a look below to see some of my process, skill-set and how I could support your business or projects.






Observe & Understand

To solve a problem you first need to identify and understand it.

I use a variety of design research techniques to identify the problems your end- users face and to understand the context in which they use your products and services.

I'm also experienced in interpreting existing research which may have already been conducted.

Trend Identification and Analysis

I'm constantly on the lookout for emerging aesthetic, cultural and societal trends.

This work feeds directly into the creative direction and identity work I do for my clients.


360° Thinking

Much of my recent work has been at the front- end of concept development, helping my clients develop and test their ideas.


In the age of connected devices and the Internet of Things, this often involves thinking beyond the physical product; considering digital, packaging, retail, service design, and much more.

Interaction Design

‘Make it intuitive’…. your focus group participants probably said.

With experience linking physical products, screen- based (digital) interaction and services, I can help to deliver the intuitive interface you’re after.

Product Design

The core of what I do, product design (or industrial design, as it is also known) is the design of the physical object.


A powerful part of the product designer's toolkit, using sophisticated modelling tools, I can create high- quality digital 3D models of the intended design.


Using high- end rendering software, I can visualise concepts for communication, evaluation and testing.

Volume Models

Using my trusted network of suppliers, we can create 3D printed models, foam models or simple card mockups.


These block models can then be used to evaluate scale, proportions and ergonomics.

Appearance Modelmaking

Through my trusted network of modelmakers- or using your own facilities- we can create realistic physical models of the concept to evaluate and validate the design 


Design Development

I always design with appropriate construction, manufacturing techniques and cost targets in mind.


With experience as an in- house designer and as a close collaborator with my clients, I have seen many products from initial sketch through to mass- production.

Working with your development team or partners, we can create designs which are feasible for production.

Materials and Finishing Expertise

I can provide detailed specification of colours, materials and finishes.

My experience and knowledge of manufacturing processes is key here in maintaining technical feasibility within your target costs.


Collaborating closely with your production facilities or partner, we can fine- tune any teething problems and reach optimal product quality.  

High- Level Services

Design Management

I've managed both internal and external design resources for the clients I've worked with.


I'm familiar with gated product development processes and can help to deliver high quality design projects on time, on budget.

Creative Direction & Identity Development

The trend, research and creative work I do often filters into 'bigger thinking' within the organisations I work with.

Through trusted collaboration, I have been asked to directly contribute towards identity programs and design guidelines for major brands.

Fee Structure

The costs of a project are highly dependant upon the complexity and time it takes to complete.


I can charge in a variety of ways- hourly/ daily/ fixed fee or for an equity stake.

If you're interested in finding out more, please get in touch and we can discuss.

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